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CMAXX Industrial Dust Collector System – Imperial Systems, Inc..

The CMAXX Dust & Fume Collector is outfitted with the most innovative features including a redundant safety design. The features include: Anti-Ramp Lift Rails - stops filters from overlapping each other; Double Gasketed Filters - Double layer of protection to ensure a good seal; Completely Grounded - Filters are grounded to the dust collector.

Industrial Air Filtration Equipment - Imperial Systems.

The CMAXX offers better value and performance than any dust and fume collector on the market. At Imperial Systems, we are constantly innovating the CMAXX design for improvement. A CMAXX dust and fume collection system will always offer you features that you can't find anywhere else..

Spark Trap: The Spark Arrestor for Your Dust Collector.

NFPA recommends a spark arrestor as part of a complete fire prevention system. A spark arrestor is a vital protection device. It's important to understand that NO spark arrestor, even the Spark Trap can guarantee 100% spark control. Consult with your dust collector system designer to make sure your system is safe from fire and explosion hazards..